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Below are listing some of my favorite resources for chinchilla supplies. These are all reputable vendors that I personally have been doing business with for years.

My favorite resource for timothy hay is Chewy.com  I buy hay in 50lb boxes because I have multiple hay eating pets. Chewy has the best prices and shipping is LOW. They also have supplies for your other pets, too - birds, dogs, etc.

NOLA CHIN RESCUE - Rick offers one stop shopping for most chin items and the proceeds go towards his rescue. Here you can buy apple wood chew sticks, hay, water bottles, wheels, carriers, cages, shelves & ledges, hutches, play time toys, treats, hammocks, Critical Care, syringes, hanging toys, etc.

And lastly, don't forget to go "LIKE" my Facebook page Pet Chinchilla Care & Info which is the companion page for this site. I regularly post good tips and cute memes there. I can also be contacted there for questions, OR at the e-mail address petchinchillas@cox.net

AZ Chins - Susan offers pellets, hay, treats, dust, toys, shelves & ledges, water bottles, Martin's style Cages, etc. She ships incredibly fast.

ChinChic - Annie is an amazing seamstress and offers cage liners, hammocks, fleece cubes, fleece tubes, and her incredible original Cuddle Buddies. There are also chin related goodies for us humans!

Chinchilla City - Ann has a nice variety of food, treats, and toys for chinchillas.


Zoey & Lilo's Toybox - (CANADA) Rachel has all apple wood, chin toys, fleece items and more. 

Twilight Chinchillas - Christine makes beautifully painted houses and shelves.

Here are a few of my favorite commercial sites: Bunny Luv has my favorite cardboard castles  ^^^ for playtime. There is also a smaller, less expensive castle from www.catsandrabbitsandmore.com   Timali Toys have been around a long time and are now located at pet-chinchilla-toys.com

www.QualityCage.com supplies cages, wheels, shelves, etc. and has been in business for years. This is where I bought my Chin Spins and my temporary collapsible cages from.

If you are serious about chin care, want to do things the right way, and can take constructive criticism, you are welcome to join my Facebook discussion group: Chinchilla Coterie - for the sake of harmony we limit members to the USA and Canada only. Other countries have different ideas about chin care and safe practices.

WHERE TO FIND A CHINCHILLA: Try PetFinder first. Most rescues have their chins listed there. Just put in your zip code and the word "chinchilla". If you are not finding anything, search for a rescue near you here.

If you are looking for fun chinchilla related stuff for yourself, try my Cafe Press shop: Kara's Girls

If you want to see videos of my own chinchillas, check my YouTube channel HERE

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